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Fine don't add me on the byond game page lol, nah i'm just kidding Link but nice work on the game so far...

wuzzzzz gud
nice css :)
naruto online looks sick man. do u have any idea when people can start playing?
If i could find myself a DEDICATED pixel artist,i can guarantee it'll be online and running during this summer break.
how do you log into pokemon land because the connection keeps dieing when i log in
Its Closed Testing.
To think.... even i cannot get
on... >:(
plz Kidpaddle45 add the final mangeko sharingan, so it doesnt hurt you when you use it. cuz other games they dont have that plz this will be the best game on byond.
It would be cool if you put weapons like zabuza and kisame's swords and the rest of the seven ninja swordsmen of the mist in the game. And put a skin tone option so people of different races can play.
Yes,i can clearly see that you'd like a darker tone character.
kid can i host your pokemon? game?
can i host your pirates online game im good at coding and i really what to help with this game
If you never to no more about
me to let me host your game just ask and i tell you
...Yes? No? Lol i didnt understand...
Yes Or No Can I Host Your Pirates Online Game Because I What To Help You With It
Yes Or No Can You Just Me If Its A No Can You Just Tell Me
Try posting on the forums instead. More likely to receive a reply from the owner of the game.
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