Hey, Kid. I too, need a Membership. Help a fellow man out? If you want to talk about a deal, my MSN is as follows: [email protected]
Need to talk to you about NO think we can talk on MSn?
Hey Kid WAz Just Wondering If You Are Still Working ON PO!?
Hey do you have an msn? I have a coding question that I just can't figure out. :)
Can you teach me code or else just make iruka classroom on please
Can I Help With The Game
when will naruto online be on
The FUCK is with this CSS?!
Ahhh My Brain hurts. MAKE IT STOP lol
Kid Paddle i would like to apply for iconning?
hello i am interested in buying you game from you its called naruto Online i would love to continue it myself because so far i like what i see if you want to sell it that would be great contact m at [email protected]
In response to Dwight344
You really willing to buy it? I mean i'm not against it. I'm happy actually. I'd like to see the game finished. This is perhaps the only naruto-based game on byond I'd even consider donating real money too.

Anyway, I hope he sells or continues it.
Dwight please buy the game i dont think kidpaddle is ever going to finish it he is still working at pirates online D:
I'm actually interested in working on Naruto Online again.
Any help would be appreciated! (Pixel Art wise)
Hey Kidpaddle45 dont know if you remember me but i would gladly help you with Naruto online and i Pixel Art a bit now too so.
If you want to just message me on msn.

Hi, im revenge... you know the guy from the forum who donated xD, ive left you a PM on the forum and its kinda important, at least for me lol, please answer it in your free time. Cya!
Me and a few friends are currently making a online version of the Pokémon RSE games. We have a lot of the basic code working but we are unable to figure out how to make turn based pokemon battles that can be used by multiple people at once. We were wondering if possible if you could join our team or perhaps help us with the coding. If you do help we can provide a 24/7 server for Pokémon Atom for you and our RSE game aswell. Thanks.
~Lloyd A.K.A Scoutz
hey hello Kidpaddle45, I'm interested in becoming your iconner.
I'd love to help for the Make My Dream utility. Get back to me if you'd enjoy some. X3
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