Naruto Third Shinobi War

by Narukeuchiha
Naruto Third Shinobi War
Wiped Server All Ranks are Open
The Game is actually "made" by Dracomancer12, as posted on the hub, i assume to lazy to make their own hub?

Gameplay: 2
Gameplay wise, it is pretty generic, what you're getting here is what you're going to get in almost every Naruto game you'll see on BYOND. When you log in you get the same type of Login screen, creation system, etc,etc. When you're finished creation your chat pane is filled with: " (-Welcome to Naruto Third Shinobi War-)
(-Help Support This Game By Voting.-)
(-Please dont ask for Gm All gm spots are taken.-)
(-Click Adjust if your view is giving problem or cant see login screen.-)
(-If Your Screen Is Messed Up. Update Your Byond Version.-)
". You're placed in a huge ass clan zone for some reason, as you spend time walking around looking for a clan to pick, spend some time to laugh at how they actually have a clan for Sasuke, Itachi, and Madara, once you leave that room, welcome back! chose a second clan. You enter the games world depending on what village you picked. Even here you're going to have to see the bad art this game, sure the art would be good if it was all done by the same person to have decent consistency (but we'll get into this later). The map itself is filled with random paths in the villages and buildings that take up space (seriously you can hardly get around the Hokage mansion without hitting a invis tile, and other big buildings there just for 'lulz'). Ranks are gained via tests and levels like most. Lets get to levels! oh joy, find your special log, in area of choice, set your macros, download that auto clicker, and....GO. If you were unlucky and found a log, to level fast, just walk a few tiles away and enjoy your Log2 and Log3! Stats are gained via boring level up, and the main point of leveling is to join the elitist organizations as you waste your time grinding just for ranks and "respect". Abuse in this game is easy as you change around your icons and name yourself an NPC (mostly due to bad coding to stop that). There is really, no gameplay, the fact that this thing got a 2, was luck.

Presentation: 2
The icons of this game are the same you'd see in any Naruto game, but they aren't the same icons! No of course they can't try to hire and make their own tile sets for things, you have to jump the bandwagon and steal art from games like GOA, or something. And when they attempt their own, it gets pretty bad. nothing about the games art will wow you, in fact you can really notice the grid on this game as not all the ground tiles even go together well. The base is odd...

Originality: 0
There is nothing original really about this game except the GM list. The Pixel Art is taken, and doesn't flow correctly, gameplay is the same you'd get from mostly any Naruto game, it doesn't wanna make you stay unless you like that they may have the extra clan, or faster leveling. It won't keep a BYOND RPG, Action, Strategy, or Casual player on, maybe a few of the BYOND Anime users (except the "higher up" members). And if you're into the action games and all and you still play on this game, chances are you played the Naruto clones first, or else you'd never want to really stay on these games.

Overall: 1
Overall, really i'd give it a 1. The programming is flawed (can't even add density=1 to some wall turfs), they add bugged things in and keep them in while a playable server is up without even making public notice. When selection icon resolution, you can actually have every single one of them selected at once, oh joy! They have clans for clans that have no confirmed blood limit or hiden jutsu (jutsu only kept in the clan, not bloodline specific), or they have clones for Over 9000 people from the same clan (i'm look at you 3 Uchiha clans!) The bad copy pasta programming fits well with the copy pasta pixel art, to make this game you're ultimate copy posta game. If you love the other copied Naruto games with edits that do little justice to the old original form, I'm sure you're gonna love the hell out of this game. The amount of fail to this game just made me get more and more apathetic as I typed this review as I played, I honestly can't stand it.

Final Words:
The "real owner" Dracomancer12 said " Enigma, not every (BYOND) game is perfect " That's pretty true, but that mostly goes towards the BYOND Anime Naruto/DBZ/Bleach rip department. You can go and play the other games on BYOND that are in a guild, or have yet to be submitted that aren't in the rip category. While you play those games you'll see little bugs because the programmers of those games probably tested the code, and if it was broken they fixed it, if they didn't and it was found by players, you can be damn well sure they also went out an fixed it. They didn't keep the poor programming in, and when it was noticed kept it there or waited for the programmer to take days after playing their Xbox live to fix it (or finally find the code and copy and paste it).

Thats pretty much it. I am now accepting Nays and comments that flame me.
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The scores are accurate.
Very nice review.

I still think you were rather kind to give it a 1 overall.
Just nitpicking, but I'm pretty sure the game changed something from the source it used, so it should get a 1 for originality.

Even though all number scores will usually be inaccurate, the originality score is kind of broken because there will very, very rarely be games that deserve exactly a 0 or a 10 for originality.
Things that I assume the changed in the code was, adding clans, GM list, turf icons, adding a few verbs. But the things i'm assuming they added are just the generic things almost any game has. so my originality score was intended to be 2, but i couldn't be sure
Merciless Warrior wrote:
Just nitpicking, but I'm pretty sure the game changed something from the source it used, so it should get a 1 for originality.

Even though all number scores will usually be inaccurate, the originality score is kind of broken because there will very, very rarely be games that deserve exactly a 0 or a 10 for originality.

The Following was in response to:

Your retarded

1. I see you're a fan of the game, don't rage at me for my "proper" review of the game.
2. Insults can be executed better with proper spelling, IE You're not your.
3. Your insult was fail due to the misspelling.

Note: I said "proper" because I'm sure it's currently the best review of that game to date. In content and in truth.
You can't give them a 0 for originallity the gfxs are original so is the hub at least give them a two no game has 0 originallity.