Naruto Unleashed

by Itachi Slayer
Naruto Unleashed
Best Goa Game On Byond
Owner : Cloud (Witches in bikinis)

Co-Owner : King (Dylan2k110)

Head Admin : Jess (Lanematoeshi)

Admin : Uzu (The lil boy)

Gm : Gohan ()

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Naruto Vs Sasuke
Sasuke Vs Naruto

Amegakure Leader:
Otogakure Leader:

Rules for players
1:No advertising other games
2:No spaming unless i say you can
3:Dont kill new players who just joined
4:Dont cuss for random reason
5:Dont ask for gm
6:Dont ask for kage
7:Dont complain for chuunin exam ill try to host one when there 4 genin or more ready

GM Rules
1:Dont abuse power
2:Dont summon kill
3:Dont tele kill
4:Dont announce for no reason
5:Dont mute jail boot or bann people for no reason
6:Dont act like you better then everyone players hate that
7:Be nice to normally players please

Have fun 'King'.
When is this going to be up?
soon as we done sir
How long is that? Days? Weeks? Im craving a GOA game right now.
bro im tryin my best atm im coding admin in an the rest of this stuff hard work for one man atm
Gotcha. Not trying to rush, just wondering an estimate of when it'll be up.
bro can u code?
Sounds horrible.
i need someone to fix errors i will give u admin
When the game gonna be uo :D.dont tell me its like other naruto goa games always down D:
Bro it is gonna be up soon,maybe in this week