by Deadron
A complete little game with lots of comments explaining exactly how everything works. A great starting point for your own game.
This is a complete (and fun!) little BYOND game, including the source code. The code is filled with comments explaining exactly how the game works.

A good way to start on your first game is to take this code and start changing it to do what you want.

Thanks to TheMonkeyDidIt for the overhaul of this demo!

Thanks to LordAndrew for maintaining it!
Pretty sexy.
Lol!! I was just looking at this game and viewing the comments, and It happens to be a year exactly from when you commented goku!
I hope it works
Can there be some demonstrations of Mouse controls, more preferably MouseEntered(). And if possible how to use MouseEntered() override a turf/area to move an object.
Tested something out: added extra jug so when I got to island paradise, i went back to that kingdom. I found they didn't respawn when killed and i never went back to that "reality" world.
doesn't compile anymore