Keywords: high, mitadake
1) First off, when Playing in Death Note mode, you may know about Kira and the Death Note,
but you may not know about the Shinigami Eyes (unless you are kira or the eyes).
2) You may not randomly kill or attack (RK or RA) anyone. Also, make sure that when you
are attack that you RP the first attack (using emote).
3) You may not hoard a bunch of items (especially keys) without a good RP reason to do so. If
you are asked to, you must explain to any of the WatcherMen (and WatcherWoman) why
you are taking so many of a single item.
4) You may not rush to a place of significance at any time of the game. This ruins the game for
everybody else, so do not do it.
5) Metagaming is strictly against the rules (knowing more than your character should).
Anything your character has not learned during the game should not be spoken of. You can
RP that your character knows certain things (like where baseball bats are because of PE, or
where the Nurse's closet is because of a previous injury) but you cannot take it to the
extreme (like knowing about the 7th Holy Scripture's location).
6) If you need to go AFK, do any of three things:
1. Suicide.
2. Lock yourself in a room (not the office).
3. Go hide.
From now on, if you go AFK, you will become a free kill, so unless you do one of the above, you will be killed.
7) You may not chop down a locked door just because you cannot find a key (random chopping). You must have a (really) good RP reason for chopping a door. Please note: Trying to reach a locked in AFK person is not a good RP reason, and neither is "I want in but i dont have the key."
8) Cybering in any form is not acceptable on my server. Anyone found to be cybering will be
9) Random attacking with a tazer is more serious than any other type of random attack,
especially if you steal an item from the person.
10)You CAN swear. Mitadake high is a game with blood and violence, and if you are big
enough to deal with the two of those, you should be big enough to handle swearing.
11) Just because you can swear on my server, both in and out of character, in chat and in
watcher chat, does not mean you can run around insulting people. If you have an argument
with someone, take it elsewhere or leave my server. This is a game for people to enjoy.
They do not want to hear you squabble.
12) If you are a watcher, do not talk in ordinary chat, unless you wish to talk to someone who is
in game.
13)You cannot tell anyone where items are to help them progress in the game over chat or
watcher-chat (for a different game).
14)You cannot use netspeak in character. You may do so in chat, OOC, or watcher-chat, but not
in character talk.
15)The odd time that i actually play normal mode, you may not use the Death Note. If people die because of the Death Note, and we will know, you will be banned.
16) Running into the vent system (or through any other hidden tunnel) without RPing is metagaming, as your character cannot possibly know where they are before hand.
17) Do not use Gay, Bi or Les as an insult. I myself am bisexual and will not tolerate any of this behaviour.
I tl;dr'd after reading this