by Spuzzum
Version 2.1! -- Flashes damage numbers above targets when you smite them. Of course, it doesn't have to be for damage specifically... use it for whatever you'd like!
For more information, refer to the text at the top of the s_damage2.dm file contained within the library.

This displays numbers over top of an obj, turf, or mob, briefly. This is a graphical only effect. As such, it can be used to represent various amounts of damage inflicted on enemies. But it doesn't actually inflict the damage.

Don't forget that you don't have to use it for just damage, though! You can use it for payments, or anything that involves numbers!

To call the library, use


where number is any number, colour is one of the below values, and target is any mob, obj, or turf.

Further information, such as acceptable colours, is detailed within the project files themselves.

Also, if you encounter a bug, please contact me directly, and don't clutter the forums. Thanks!

Thank you i may use this