F_Color Selection

by Flick
A GUI color selection library
This simple library allows you to let players pick colors for whatever you wish using a graphical interface.

Version Info:

8) Updated to now work with Byond 4.0! I also added a few other minor features, including the ability to send a default color to the selector. There is also now a cancel button which allows a player to choose not to select a new color. However, this means you will now need to check to see if the selector returned a value before using it. Feel free to post complaints or bug reports in the forum. I will need to go in and clean up the code a TON, but I wanted to get this out so it would work with 4.0.

6) I simply added an argument to the F_Color_Selector.Get_Color() proc, so it now takes mob/M as an arg.

5) Now shows the RGB values of your color selection

4) Switched to sliders from the color boxes. I liked them, but they were not very efficient. Also, number of colors went from about 4,000 to about 2,000,000
this system is the laggiest lib ever to be use din byond but its also very useful so thanks