Stickster Source

by Lummox JR
Source code for Scream of the Stickster (BYONDscape 4K Challenge 2002)
Scream of the Stickster was the 3rd place winner in the BYONDscape 4K Challenge 2002. By contest rules, the source code is available to all BYONDscape subscribers.

This release includes the original source code, the source code for version 2, and a special translated release of the version 2 source code that's much more readable than the compressed form with lots of comments.
First time trying this out and I love it :) Scared the crap out of me when I blocked him between two walls and about 5 or so seconds he just starts running through em xD
I'm thinking of taking out opacity in the sequel because opacity looks so visually terrible, but I did love the way the Stickster could surprise people so much in the original.