Digimon Link Between Worlds

by Aizen-De-Lupen
Digimon Link Between Worlds
A Isometric Digimon Game.






1. Respect the GMs, decisions they make, and fellow players.

Punishments-Warn/Boot/Mute/Ban(Decided by an owner or co-owner)

2. English in OOC!

Punishments-Warn/Boot/Mute/Ban(Decided by an owner or co-owner)

3. No caps in OOC. Punishments-Warn/Mute/Ban

4. No spamming, advertising, or inappropriate links in any chat.


6. No bug abusing.

Punishment-Pwipe/Ban(Decided by an owner or co-owner)

We're not affiliated with Bandai® nor Digimon®.
All the Anime/Manga ideas as well as Character-names, sprites and so on are property of their
respective owners.
This is a fangame and no profits are earned from it.

Credit to VixiV for all the icons that he contributed.

Stolen turfs from Digimon Legends.
Stolen? Nope, Liight gave them to us to continue the game although we remade the game...
<--Asking Liight
And I love how I was banned for no reason.
Actually I was speaking with DragonDesend/Leon, and apparently you and him had this argument and you constantly troll him on any game? Until the issue is solved i won't be unbanning you.. Sorry for this inconvenience.
So.. your banning a guy just cause your friend doesn't like him .. . wow. .at least be more professional :)
Edit: Also at least gimme and Liight some credit i created all the turfs add all the characters and digimons.
Wow lies man you got messenger because I record my chat logs i can show you everything that happened.
No, I'm Banning a guy in which will cause trouble, I remember see on TeamViewer with Dragon/Leon - "Nigga be joining my games yet he doesn't even like me." That of course isn't bad at all, But the page he sent when leon said something to someone was pretty upbeat. I'll unban him under the condition of Drama.
You've been unbanned, if you guys made the turfs I shall add you to the Credits.
Lol Leon is telling you straight fuckin bull and of course you would believe him out of me since he is your friend but what ever I could care less.
VixiV made the turfs.

EDIT: Lucky I deleted the chatlogs from a few weeks back.
Either way you two had a argument, but may I just say it was Leon who banned you. I forced him to un-ban you, He is highly known for being very hot headed about people who he's conflicted with, in Which case i'll be making sure he removes any verb he can use against you.
In response to Aizen-De-Lupen
Yeah i'm just saying so, and its nice that someone finally stepped up to continue the game since there are barely any digimon games on byond.
Copyright © 2012 Genesis Industries&Co. All rights reserved.

You can't place a copyright on a fangame and expect it to get listed.
Yeeah he has the source, I just expect him to remake it better than the original.
when is it going to be online? :D
Please put it onlinee!
The game will be up as soon as we have some free-time to finnish what we was doing. For all update news goto - http://genesisindustries.weebly.com/