BYOND Version:497
Operating System:Windows 7 Ultimate
Web Browser:Firefox 14.0.1
Applies to:Dream Seeker
Status: Verified

A member of our crack team of bug testers has verified that this issue is reproducible, and has handed it off to the development team for investigation.
Descriptive Problem Summary:

Layering works fairly well in side-map format, until you start messing with client.dir. Once again, when rotated to the East, and moving North (away from the camera), the mob is overlapped by the turf he just exited.

Numbered Steps to Reproduce Problem:

Rotate client.dir to the east, move north.

Expected Results:

Layering should not flicker like this. Layer flickering isn't a problem in all 3 other client eye directions.
This issue is still present in 500.1209, if anything, it's gotten worse.

As of now, the only client.dir when in SIDE_MAP format not affected is NORTH.

This affects both pixel movement and tile-based movement.

A demo demonstrating this issue, source code included:

Click on the camera at the top-left of the screen to rotate the client dir. Move around. You will see this issue.



If the mob's step offsets aren't being respected so as to show him on the right tile, that is indeed a problem. When a mob straddles two turfs, it should be treated as being on the nearer one for the sake of layering. I'll investigate this.
Stephen001 changed status to 'Verified'
This exists.