Nabu Getsu

by Raven-BloodX
Nabu Getsu
Let the adventures of the Bleach Universe unravel before you!
Post suggestions and bugs on the Forum to help improve everyone's game play.

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Game Staff.
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You are expected to know these from the second you connect to the game.
You get two warnings and then it's straight to punishment so please reads the rules first and make it easier on other players and staff.

In-Game Rules.
0. Do not filter avoid. it's there for a reason
1. Respect the admins.
2. Respect other players.
3. Spam ins't allowed(As in OOC or any chat channels.)
4. Racism/Sexism isn't tolerated.
5. Do not ask for edits/hax/requirements.
6. Do not block entrances in-game.
7. Do not act like a position of authority unless prompted too.
8. Do not give false information about classes or events.
9. OOC is English only, this relays back to rule 3.
10. Please, try to play the game before asking questions like how to get this or that. Yes, I know, we all want the easy way to get bankai and annihilate other characters, but for your sake, just have fun.

All rights go to there respective owners.
Silver Gaming is no way affiliated with Tite Kubo or Weekly Shōnen Jump.
Why is the game down?
Why is the game down?
Stop asking, its down for updating x3
We apologize for the inconvenience but it's better ta do this now than wait till there is a lot of players~
aww game been down :( cant wait till it gets back up ^_^
I am Banned or something? cuz i can't Connect to the game but the game is still up ? My key is 6168068 and NeroAshido i hope for a quicky reply :C
Bring Back le Game \( *.*)/
Catamount33 wrote:
Why aren't the mask boosts working?

They are. If you bothered reading what the admins have said over half a dozen times or bothered reading the guide lines which players are PROMPTED to read before entering you'd know that "Mask Boosts" are very low due to the equivalence of how high mask time can go.
This is essentially the last update for quite a while.
Although not as big as planned due to personal issues 4.0 will be released today.

If their are any complications simply make a post on the forums, here, or page Hakkin or I and it will be resolved.

It pains me to say but yes the project is getting archived until further notice, but the main server will stay up regardless.

AND SO I Hereby cut the red ribbon on Nabu Getsu Version Four Point OH!
Silver Gaming.
What happened to the Character saves? Was there another wipe?
Or did the saves get messed up?
how long till its back up?
Raven, Hakkin or Coyote... which the forecast back from the server??
Admin, please, host this, i want play :3
So very, extremely bored... I've checked on this all these weeks and have been disappointed to see its unreadyness. Please don't drop the game. I'd be pissed.
...and its down again...
i hope they update this time
My new computer can't host this for very long and I don't have anyone who can host nor do I trust to many people to host due to save editing and abuse, so I'm saving up for a shell, if anyone wants to help out to get the game up donate.

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Catamount33 wrote:
What about CoyoteStarrk?

From what I've heard he's not able to host 24/7.
Game went down after like 10 minutes.

-Silent Night
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