Nabu Getsu

by Raven-BloodX
Nabu Getsu
Let the adventures of the Bleach Universe unravel before you!
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Raven-BloodX wrote:
My new computer can't host this for very long and I don't have anyone who can host nor do I trust to many people to host due to save editing and abuse, so I'm saving up for a shell, if anyone wants to help out to get the game up donate.

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I can help with this problem easily. I can give you two systems.

First one is a Host Limiter, which means that you can give files to that person and he/she can't pass them out. They are the only ones who can host using the files.

Second one is a web banner. If you believe your host is abusing simply ban that person. No, They can't use alt to host. Transfer files to someone, or anything. And it can't be modified. It's a good system.

If you're interested, page me or message back here.

-Silent Night ^_^
In response to Reem16
Reem16 wrote:
Game went down after like 10 minutes.

-Silent Night

Sorry about that, for some reason BYOND wouldn't let me pull up the host interface and it crashed.
Can I join server now? I have been trying to play for over a hour now.

But been waiting since server went down.

-turning evil soon-

-Silent Night
i cant join :(
this is the best game ever please i wanna play
It's up as of 5:01 12/8/2013.
I'm not sure if it'll stay because daemon is giving me eminence trouble and the server is crashing without an apparent reason.

Nevermind the server still keeps going down after 7 minutes.
Damnit..I really wanted to play.
Nao, nao , nao, nao!!!

Where is the server? ^_^
This is the only bleach game I love.
Can I host the game for the mean time? I really want to play this game, also to play. I love this game.
I can use a shell and have it up 24/7. Right now, I have a shell for 6 months until I add more time on it.
Catamount33 wrote:
Hakkin let REEM HOST

Love you. ^_^
NAOO! I was playing for like 2 minutes!!
Me either. >_>
Catamount33 wrote:
Joker i think you have firewalls on, turn them off i cant connect :(

I checked. BYOND updated the built and now the game doesn't work anymore. Unless he re-do the color system.

~Silent Night
is this gonna stay down forever? :(
so thats it?the end?
I talked to the owner and the game is done.

Im stop following this thread and unfan.

why dont he give source to someone to host?
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