Although there hasn't been any updates for months, that probably may still be the case, but in any case Ultimatum version 0.8.7 has been released tonight with include a slight modification to the interface, some internal bug fixes (which involved a serious bug that duplicated observers and caused errors when rejoining the game) and a new 6-player quick map.

Version 0.8.7 - March 3rd, 2010
- Situations with blank forms when trying to join or observe a game have been fixed
- Observers would be duplicated when rejoining a game
- Interface slightly modified to free up the unused command panel space
- New map: Whirl (6 player long moderate, mixed terrain) - a "cramped" map for a (relatively) quick 6-player matches

Known Issues (as of version 0.8.7)
- In certain situations that at this point haven't been able to be consistently reproduced, the recruit menu will not close
- In rare circumstances, units recruited may disappear and re-appear in other games
- In an unknown circumstance, players may end up getting a double turn. Please report ASAP if this problem occurs
- In certain unknown circumstances, the game may lock out and not allow the current player to do anything except end his or her turn. Please report ASAP as this occurs during gameplay.

yea it wont let me log in.... if i get it to load it stops dead at 20%
Hey, UP.

Someone said you might be able to compose a song for me.

Contact me, please.