Pokemon Red Steel

by Fire_Laena
Pokemon Red Steel
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For advertising? Only thing I before I said before i got off was "I'm going to go play naruto goa bbl if i dont go to sleep" im pretty sure thats not advertising...
Banned for no reason.
No advertising means you cannot mention another game. Therefore,you broke the advertise rule. That and Ali and myself warned you earlier when you posted a inappropriate link to a video. This is the full reason why.
Yeah I never posted another inappropriate video. way to get butthurt over me saying imma go play a different game other than pokemon. hey lets ban this guy
Butthurt? No. Its a rule. And if you forgot the warning,it proves you do not care if you break rules. Good day. -Mist
yes butthurt. and no i didnt forget the warning. it just proves you peeps are mad that i wanted to go play a different game. i didnt advertise a game in any way.

Advertising: The activity or profession of producing advertisements for commercial products or services.

Never did i once. do that.
I already explained the rule. If you refuse to accept it,that's fine. Have a nice day.
If you think you were banned unfairly or want to get unbanned, take it to the forums, do not discuss it here please.
Im sure this is the forums. And roget isnt really elaborating
This is not the forums, these are the forums http://pokemonredsteel.proboards.com/ Go there if you have issues, not here.
Honestly doesnt matter to me i didnt make a account on that.
Either take it to the forums or drop it because nothing is going to get resolved here.
Eh should be
Himoj, the only way to get unbanned is to proof your wrong in a Ban Appeal on the forums which Mattz_2 gave you the link for.

We will not accept ANY ban appeals here.

If you don't wish to be unbanned, please say so and drop the subject.

We ban for a reason, in this case Roget(Mist) and Ali have done a good job doing that.
Topic has been locked. Badhulk has said it all pretty much.