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Problem description:

I am currently using a grid to display Pokemon Card information. However I am not particularly fond of how the grid works, and it is not as flexible as I would like it to be with handling images as well.

I am considering looking into the java(?) approach, or using some kind of output instead - replacing the grid interface with a browser(?).

I am looking for more flexibility with where i place information in a side-information window, including images of any size, anywhere, text of any size, anywhere, and of course this information needs to be able to be retrieved as variables from the game, being able to quickly update and change as needed.

Thanks for any help!

EDIT: Unfortunately I do not have any knowledge of HTML with displaying information, however I do feel this is ideally what I want. My motivation for learning HTML is very low though :(

You should look into maptext, and on screen objects. You can make almost any kind of HUD/Interface you need with almost any appearance using those.
I already can do almost anything I want with on-screen objects, but I'm looking for a window separate from the map. Thanks anyways!
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You can have multiple map controlss, but non-default maps can only show HUD objects. Probably exactly what you want.
That probably would work.