Charmed Life Or Death

by Domdavden
Charmed Life Or Death
A fangame based on the Hit TV Series - Charmed
What is Charmed Life or Death -abbrievated to CLoD- about? Well that answer is simple, it is based on the Hit-TV show 'Charmed' created by Constance M. Burge! This is an evergrowing game for those who love to RP or would like the start! At first CLoD started off as a small project, with just David working on it but after some time the team began to grow as Diana and Kat were hired as help. CLoD is not only a fun game, a great way to spend your time but it is also a loving community on which you can interact with friendly people. CLoD is not known as just a game, but we think of every single player as family, treating them all as we treat those we love. We are ONE unit, a unit that cannot function without one another, that is what makes CLoD so unique!

Do you have the strength, courage or the charisma to fight against the opposite alignments, do you have what it takes to be renown for your acts, do you have what it takes to be 'Charmed'! Come and join a game that has so many things which were once unseen to BYOND, which were once unseen to Charmed games!

What do we have:
- 20+ Races!
- 70+ Powersets!
- 50+ Ranks!
- 300+ Powers!
- 25+ Known Locations!
- Clickable Spell System!
- Potion Creation System!
- Cooking System!
- Pregnancy/Birthing/Family System!
- Job System!
- Varied Transformation Systems!
- Day/Night System!
- Weathering System!

David (Domdavden) - Programming, Mapping, Pixel Art
Diana (Emma The Diamond) - Mapping, Pixel Art
Kat (AkizaBlackRose) - Iconning
Staff and Players - For Ideas, Help and Support
This game is such a good game, everyone on it is really nice and there is always new things going on and new things being added! I love this game and everyone on it! I hope it runs for years and years!
This game is truly impeccable, there are so many systems and everyone on it is a joy to be around!
What an amazing game. I have made such amazing friends through CLoD. Not only the people, but the experience is so fun too! The best icons, powers etc. of any game i've played. CLoD forever! <3
This game is truly fantastic. I just adore everything about it. From the powers, races, icons, ranks ... it's all great! It's like on big family. CLoD is the best game on Byond, in my opinion. This is like a community where everyone is welcome. I hope this game will last very long and continue to grow and be the wonderful game it is. CLoD! ^.^ <3
Me and my sister love this game, we've been playing it for a while now and it really is the most enjoyable game on BYOND, in my opinion of course. Long live CLoD and its many updates!
CLoD is such a fun game and has so so many unique features and systems and I love it so much! I love how the updates never stop!
I've been away for a while now but it's great to see that CLoD is back up, it's so much fun and is highly susceptible to compliments! Top notch.
An amazing game for all to play, I just love it! 10/10
This game is wonderful! Awesome ranks and awesome staff that would do ANYTHING to help their players. It really is like a family here.
I can't use byond because MY laptop broke so my mum borrowed one and now I have to wait for my dad to buy me my ow laptop which i get on the 20th of july so on that day the first game i download will be byond and CLoD from what i remember is that this game is awsome i love it so much can't wait to play it i give it 10000/10000
could you please just release the host files