Casual Quest

by IainPeregrine
A fast paced, casual, multi player action game with a little RPG touch
BYOND Version:Doesn't Matter.
Operating System:Boot To Gecko
Web Browser:Firefox 14.0.1
Applies to:Casual Quest
Status: Resolved (1.36)

This issue has been resolved.
Descriptive Problem Summary:
My custom character is broken. It went from sucking to over-powered. When Cauti0n updated the skills to use objects instead of procs (a huge undertaking, and very impressive!) he assumed that my custom's skills were the same as other skills that used those visuals. My custom's skills are supposed to heal others, not myself. My character is supposed to be incredibly hard to play, but the ultimate team support class.

My skill are as follows:
z: Berry heal on other people.
x: Aura heal on other people.
c: I forget. Free revive, maybe?

Also, I can currently walk on water. I added this to debug the movement system at one point, and forgot to remove it. You can either remove it, or keep it. If you remove it, I'll count it as a bug that was fixed. If you keep it, I'll count it as an intended part of my custom :)

Also, you should make yourself a custom.

You may want to start accepting recolor requests, too. I think those were $10 each.
I'd certainly buy a custom class if they became available again.

The custom class system seems to be largely broken as a whole. When you become one, you get greeted with a message like "Greg is now playing as a .", and some of the custom classes outright don't work.
My falconer and electromancer are still working fine.

I want to buy enchantress though :(
My giant barbarian dude is working fine too.
IainPeregrine resolved issue