Ikou Era Classic

by AllSmiles
Ikou Era Classic
Live and feel feudal Japan.
So um....what random ass moment is this game gonna be back up? Tell me now please, so I can actually play it longer before it disappears again.
The game is back !
Finally ;-;
You have no idea how much I miss this game.
C'mon, AllSmiles! Just turn this game on already :D I want to play it, since I never did and I probably lost a really good moment.
Please put this game back up!
i will buy the hostfiles to this, ok. i know like..3 brs have them.
Can you host this using the web client?
Also I wouldn't mind hosting the game I'm usually online everyday and could leave the game up. If the admin is reading this please contact me via pager or other means.
Just a heads up: I wanted to play Ikou Era, since its probably the best made game on BYOND despite being fairly simplistic, but as it turns out the entirety of Penn State Behrend appears to be IP banned from it... Only a slight issue but I would appreciate being able to play.
It seems like no one is ever online we should all advertise so that we can have a healthy RP.
I think people would be interested and the gameplay would be better if there were no NPC's, or a lesser amount of them. The entire system should be reverted to how it was once before. Honestly then it would keep a player's attention.
In response to PotentBeing
I doubt that this game would catch more attention by removing NPCs while it was empty of players, to be honest. I approve of making improvements, but once this game has a larger community.
I don't think anyone is working on this game anymore. I haven't seen any updates in a while.
atleast make the game available for host.
the most boring game of the entire world..............
God please destroy tis game!!!
Gr8 game please continue to improve and make game a little easier my suggestion is update map so players can know where they are and stuff i know its rp and ppl shld find stuff for themselves but i guess most of us lazy like me nd wouldnt give game a chance luv wht u and ur team are doin keep up the good work
So... will i ever have the chance to play this game again?
Unfortunately, probably not.
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