by Zane5494
Rokkenjima, Anime, horror, survival, mystery, murder, intrigue! All rolled into one Horrifying island full of mysteries.
Since it would be confusing having the same forum as Falacy... even though the server is on his hub, we will use this as our Server's personal forum.(I started this project, but it never went anywhere)

~ Server is maintained by Blackout(Zane5494) and hosted(temporarily) by Itachi Slayer. ~

Moderation positions were added to further enforce fair game-play and handle player disputes that Falacy's already made systems didn't/couldn't cover. We will be needing 2 moderators for the server. I will mainly be focusing on adding features and improving the server as best I can so I will not be able to focus on moderating. You can apply in this thread, add whatever information you think is needed.

I hope you enjoy the game and check in for updates.

I do NOT take any credit for the original source code. Falacy did an amazing job getting this game to where it is today. I am simply modifying it to make a server, adding features that I see fit and any other changes players have suggested.