I have been researching ways for me to host... I can't seem to port forward correctly and a shell server is currently not an option. Does anyone know of any alternatives?

I have tried using the "Netstat" command to look through ports and I've entered in all of the information there to see if I could host from one of those ports... but it still says the port cannot be reached by players and for me to port forward. So any help given would be GREATLY appreciated.
Don't know why you are using netstat you should be focusing on your router .. Try looking up your router on and go from there.
Well, hell if I know how to direct-link a post any more (last time I was on these forums, they worked and looked a lot different) so I'll just copy-paste most of my comments from another thread.

One important tidbit of advice I can give you is that if you have a separate piece of hardware for your router and modem, you need to set up port forwarding on both devices. It's not especially obvious, but you must set up your modem to port forward to your router, and of course set up your router to port forward to your hosting computer.

This is my DSL modem's "attached devices" page:

The WNR2000 is my router. Using the address there (, I had to set up port forwarding from my modem to my router: modem_port_forward.png

Then using the "attached devices" page on my router, found the address I wanted to port forward to there: router_port_forward.png
And forwarded the same port from my router to my laptop. Given, these images are when I was showing others how to open their XBox NATs, but you can still see the BYOND rule I have on port 9001 that works similarly.
I do not use two separate hardware's and I have tried forwarding ports on multiple occasions. It never works out correctly....
Zane, it would help to know something about your hardware. You haven't mentioned what kind of router you have, nor what kind of connection. There are no alternatives to port forwarding, but people can help you through the process if you provide some information.

ME's reference to port forwarding both devices applies to modems that are also routers, like if the modem is acting as a wireless access point. If your Internet connection in the house is wireless and you get the wireless access through the modem itself, then you have two routers in play and have to set them both up.