Spirit Age

by Chris Gayle
Spirit Age
An amazing action adventure game in a fantasy world on mystical islands
Hey, i'm one of two SA members who haven't been announced to the world, we're like bad ass Espada members yet to make an appearance. roar

anyway onward with the post. I've been working on SA's new splash art/Logging screen and while at it a new logo base on zane's original design. so i though i would post it here ,instead of just letting them sit there.

Splash art : http://johnliriano.deviantart.com/#/d5bh4t3


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SA Splash Art is too big, so check it out in my deviantart.

want to help us promote the game? than use the SA logo as a sig/avatar ect, redirecting anyone who clicks it to SA's HUB.
The game isn't that great IMO .. movement is terrible.
nice logo
Reminds me of Soul Eater.

In response to ATHK it isn't really that the game sucks, it's just that they're focusing way to much on aesthetics and not enough on the actual gameplay. The aesthetics are the best I've seen on BYOND by a long shot. I just want to see better/more gameplay.
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I would have to agree with that statement.

I wouldn't say it sucks.

At first I thought it was lag :) but nope it was the movement.
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A.T.H.K wrote:
At first I thought it was lag :) but nope it was the movement.

Same, but i didn't realize that until i came across the same problem i Akriso.
the problem has been spotted a while back, and has been trying to resolve it self. But... you know chris.

But zane made it clear to 'us' that it was the most important if not first thing to get fix/worked on after the matter at hand is resolve.
I don't know Chris at all but if he is the developer he is doing a very poor job...
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didn't Zane announce Chris won't be working on the project anymore?
Never said he was still with us. on a side note would like to move away from that subject.
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No problem, it was just the way that you mentioned him. It made it seem as though he was. Anyway, ill end it there.
I love the Splash Art. And the gameplay isnt that bad if you actually sat down and tried it. And ignore the movement.
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I did sit down and try it I couldn't get pasted the movement...
So, what is the go with Spirit Age officially? It would be good to hear from Chris Gayle about it.
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You should read more.
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D-Cire wrote:
You should read more.

Jumped the gun on this one, my bad.

Though, it is almost always better to hear these things concerning the person from the person him or herself.
John Liriano's still alive o_O and no spelling errors... John got smarter ? Stop the madness(Kappa Style)
I don't see what everyones problem with movement is. I played it the first day it was hosted locally, no problems.
Also played a hosted game with obvious lag.
No problems with movement.

What does everyone mean?