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Test... rawwwwr
Chris-g1 wrote:
Test... rawwwwr

RAWWWR ...ROOOar.... >.< Dou!
kewlio css, fix the overlapping.

Your blog somewhat inspired me to visit Egypt. On a side note: for some reason I get significant lag when I visit your site - but your site only.
Chris, I'm wondering what happened. I haven't heard from you since your post on my topic. Please Response as soon as possible. Thank you.
Chris! your post ask's us a question, but does not allow us to reply! :(
Haha, Noted and fixed, Thanks :L
Due to everyone in my email being no longer on BYOND i need need skypes..
Hey Chris, I have a small request of you in terms of an old icon you had attempted a while back. My skype is dudewheresmycar2010. Thanks!
Hmmm, i will be on some time tomorrow
Yo bro hit me back up when you get a chance
yo bro XD cooome back please XD!
yo bro Come forth! I need you
Hey bro ...just seeing whats new haven't been in contact in a min just hit me up when you see this.