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Howdy folks, I know it's been a while since my last post on Submerged progress.

I lost my primary internet connection at home and can only access the internet through a rather weak wifi signal I'm picking up from long-range, so I haven't been able to upload any new screenshots or videos from the work I've been doing.

That coupled with various household mishaps and issues the last few months I haven't gotten as much work done as I had hoped to by this point; but work is getting done. Having to focus on other things sapped a lot of my initial motivation to work on the game but I am slowly getting it back and progress is speeding up again.

I have recently been rethinking how flood waters work, the old system was functional but I never really liked it so I've been reprogramming it using techniques I developed working on other little side-projects. I've also been revising bits and pieces of the general enemy AI system that handles the various "invader" type enemies to the station. They make for some interesting rounds.

I have most of the items Neblim showed off implemented into the game in some form or another, however not all of them have been finalized so they may or may not end up being changed as things go on.

Someone loaned me a copy of Bioshock recently, I've only played a tiny bit of it but it has given me various forms of inspiration in a few areas such as atmosphere and general feel. I was told early on in the project that Bioshock would make a good source of inspiration and it has done pretty good so far.

Not sure when a beta will be ready, but the game is pretty playable as it is now, it's just a matter of making everything usable and putting a GUI on the stuff. Aside from that the rest is mostly just content work like adding more game modes and coming up with new item ideas and whatnot.

Sorry for the delays, hope to get something for you guys as soon as I can.
Cool, hope you finish it :)
Same ere.
Theironx wrote:

Hells yeah!
Will there be sharks? O_O
Considering you're inside and not outside, I doubt it. There won't be much venturing outside of the station.