Rise Of The Pirates

by Pride Ravanok
Rise Of The Pirates
Pirates! Marines, Bounty hunters?! Join the super powered adventure!
Have a bunch of rare of unique items in your bank? Well fret no more! You can now break them for other items! "What is this you speak of Black? Madness!"

Reforging, The process of destroying an equipment to extract its Soul essence. Being it an Armor or a Weapon Soul. These Souls are used to Augment your equipment, make them stronger.

To do this you will have to speak to the Reforger in Sochi island.

Ok so, the way augmenting works, is that you get to a maximum of +10. It can apply to all equipment. If you succeed in upgrading, you go up a tier and acquire new stats. If you fail to succeed, the item immediately breaks, and has a % chance to degrade, going down a tier. Breaking an item will not destroy it but it will render it useless until repaired.

How do we augment? That's the easy part, You just drag and drop the appropriated Soul into the equipment you wish to augment.

New Item mall items to aid this process.

Item Mall

Soul Solvent:Reduces chances of an item degrading when it breaks by 20%

Protection Scroll:Prevents an item from breaking during its next augment.

Other Changes. Allocating states into Def will increase Health by 10 per point.Allocating in Will increases Endurance by 10 per point.
Restat monkey will be in Sochi until next month.