Naruto Supreme Chaos

by Naruto 5292
Naruto Supreme Chaos
Awesome Updates! Great Players! Lots of Fun
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(The Players nor owners/staff are in any way related/joined or with with Viz Media, or any of their other groups, this game is based on the Naruto (Manga/Anime) which is created by Masashi Kishimoto. The game is non-profit fan game(100%).We (The players/Staff) DO NOT claim to own any reserved rights over Naruto)


tags: #anime, #fan, #fan-game, #non-profit.


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"Xneonswords review for this game is:
Gameplay 8/10
Presentation 9/10
Originality 8/10
Overall 9/10

this is a very original game has very few aspects that you would see in other Naruto games on byond. extremily friendly and helpful staff members. has stranded graphics that u see on byond but with
really good icons such ass weapons and cloths seem to be of much higher quality. over all this is my all time favorite game on byond."

..:::::::::::: Naruto Supreme Chaos::::::..

Akatsuki Leader:Check Ranks Tab in game
Akatsuki Co-Leader(Konhan):Open
Akatsuki Co-Leader(Nagato):open
Akatsuki Member(Kisame):open
Akatsuki Member(Itachi):open
Akatsuki Member(Zetsu):open
Akatsuki Member(Diedara):open
Akatsuki Member(Sasori):open
Akatsuki Member(Hidan):open
Akatsuki Member(Kakazu):open

Seven Ninja Swords of the Mist Village

SSM Leader(Zabuza Momimochi):Check Ranks Tab in game
SSM Co-Leader (Mangetsu Hozuki):open
SSM Member (Jinin Akebino):open
SSM Member (Ringo Ameyuri):open
SSM Member (kuriarare Kushimaru):open
SSM Member (Raiga Kurosuki):open
SSM Member (Fuguki Suikazan)

S.O. Leader:Check Ranks Tab in game
S.O. Co-Leader:
S.O. Member:
S.O. Member:
S.O. Member:
S.O. Member:
S.O. Member:

Hebi Leader:
Hebi Co-Leader:
Hebi Member:Open
Hebi Member:Open

The Legendary Kages

(Leaf)Hokage:Check Ranks Tab in game
(Sand)Kazekage:Check Ranks Tab in game
(Rain)Amekage:Check Ranks Tab in game
(Cloud)Raikage:Check Ranks Tab in game
(Mist)Mizukage:Check Ranks Tab in game
(Rock)Tushikage:Check Ranks Tab in game
(Sound)Otokage:Check Ranks Tab in game
(Waterfall) Enukage: Check Ranks Tab in game
(Star)Hoshikage:Check Ranks Tab in game
(Sun) Tayioyokage:Check Ranks Tab in game
(Dark)(Yamikage):Check Ranks Tab in game
(Moon)(Tsukikage):Check Ranks Tab in game

Owner of the game:Naruto 5292

Great Game Come On And Enjoy ^^
Naruto 5292 wrote:
Great Game Come On And Enjoy ^^

I will :P
HEY EVERYONE Join this game it is awesome!
u have alot of gms for a game with such little player amount
Dumesday wrote:
u have alot of gms for a game with such little player amount

Well, those GM are still "palyers" and they dont get advantages...they just help :P
this is one of the best games ive played on byond
II_flame on_II wrote:
this is one of the best games ive played on byond

thank you!
imma vote for it for byonds finest on all my accs :D
make this game back on so i can play 24/7 when i get back from vacation
This game is fantastic never played a better naruto game EVER! RIVALS WITH THE ACTUAL ANIME
wow i said alot
Hi, I just got banned by claryfairchild for no reason. Naruto(tarfex), if you're gonna find a host, at least find one that doesn't abuse.
Also, tell clary to unban me, she has also broke one of the rules, by banning just 'cause I was a -bit- mean to her. Message to clary: Nice lie you had there. Lie more.
Well, I got u un-banned and at least this wht she told e. Also I will try finding another host
No, she didn't unban me, also, falon's server tells me Connection failed.
Nvm, worked.
Lol. This whole thread is a boatload of bullshit. You were banned on COSAB which carries over to ALL dream deamon. I'm sorry if you play a game I host and I banned you, But coming at me with a dick up ur ass and an attitude is not the way to get unbanned. Tweak your attitude and I'll think about it.
Kyubikitsune is correct, if u get host banned on ONE of the host's game u get banned ON ALL THE GAMES THAT THE ONE PERSON HOSTS! also Kyubikitsune can u host? if so ill give u co owner to host my game
That doesn't matter, I asked her to unban me, and she was like No, I even told her I won't go on her server on cosab, because there's 2 other servers anyway.
Kyubi, give me the respect I deserve first, and i'll give you the respect you deserve.
Are you retarded? You DO NOT deserve any respect at all. You've lied your way throught this entire thing. And bitching and complaining about it is NOT going to help you. It is MY choice to unban you or not. Nobody elses. I never said I no, I asked you why I should unban you, and ONTOP of that you came at ME first. I didn't even know who you were. Actually.. I still don't... Wasn't this about Ninja Pokemon? I'm confused as fuck right now.....
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