Untitled Role Playing Game

by DvK87
A cross between minecraft, harvest moon, and a diablo style combat system.
The project uses a combination of CC-BY-SA3.0 and GPL2.0/3.0 licensed open source art assets and original art assets, the crediting and licensing details will be provided when the game is released.

This currently untitled roleplaying game focuses around resource exploitation including farming, mining, livestock and forestry in conjunction with crafting mechanics for clothier, alchemy, leatherworking, blacksmithing and jewellery to create an base economy through trade. Building houses, cultivating crops, building fences/roads/furnishings etc are all key components and objectives. Trade can be conducted through market mechanics and/or automated commodity markets and makes up a key aspect of the game.

In addition to the minecraft style exploit and build mechanics, the game will include roleplaying elements (depending on potential server options) which could include age/hunger/death mechanics, conflict through role elections, and dungeon crawling / loot collecting.

The key concept to this project is to begin with polished base features such as the building, random map generation with biomes, agriculture and animal lifecycles, crafting, etc and then work towards modular game components which can be mixed and matched by server election. Planned expansion components include:

- Dungeon crawler adventure module with uncraftable/legendary loot included in loot tables.

- A CowRPG inspired role assignment mode in which a world is generated and roles are selected to create order/conflict and facilitate a more dramatic roleplaying session.

-A peaceful builder module which removes mortality and death from the game and allows for a focus on resource cultivating and building.

-Magic career path, allowing the understanding of magic and teaching of magic by players including Illusion magic, Arcane magic and Necromancy.

-Rogue career path, allowing for sneak mechanics, theft and lock-picking.

-Warrior career path, focusing on stuns, knock-backs and physical combat.

Currently the game is in alpha stages, the random map generation and biome system is complete, the forestry system is complete, and some components of the agriculture system are complete. Building systems are in place and are largely implemented with some kinks to work out. Mining, crafting, opponent mobs, and modules outlined above have not been started at this time.
This looks very promising. Please keep me updated with progress. :)
Will do :).
Jwing, who made those graphics?
Who is Jwing? I did not make the majority of the graphics provided, they come from open source game art websites. Full licensing information and location of individual graphics will be provided when the game is launched.
Wow, this looks really good :o Kudos :) If you would like to use painted icons for slots (gears, skills, etc.), let me know, I can make some for you :P
I do need some of that! ill let you know! thanks.
Alrighty, no problem :)

+Fan. I can't wait to check it out!