Dragonball: Universal Rebirth

by Skooby42O
Pwiped on the 6/19/2010 A Cool Dragon Ball Z. A slow leveling PVP game with Unique Training System and lots of Updates. " Try it..."
1. Slow leveling PVP game with Unique Training system
2. New type of Bars
3. Cool updates .
4. Exclusive Tourney system.
5. Very helpful and effective GMs.


DBZ Universal Rebirth Staff
Owner/Mapper/Coder/Host : Skooby
Co-Owner/Coder : Yorack
Iconner/Hub : Jay
Head Admin/Forums/Hub : Portal
GFX Artist : Blood Fang
Council Assistant : Aren
Supreme Enforcer : Sidtan
Supreme Enforcer : Phayn

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Player Rules:
1- No AFK training allowed, only self training is without cheating programs
2- Mkin is allowed, only us to 2 keys tho.
4- No Gm disrececpt / player.
5- No Profanity in OOC / No Mute Avoid aswell.6- No spaming in All chat channels.
7- No posting Links unless a gm says you can in OOC.
8- If You find a bug dont abuse it please report to a gm.
9- This is a Pvp Game, i dont care who killed you.
10- No Safezone Kills / Spam Kills / Spawn Kills / Death Avoid by logging off.
11- Anything that seems like it may be against the rules proly is.


Admin Rules-
Do NOT use your powers for fun.
-Do not use profanity to much cause you wont get auto-muted.
-Do not boot/mute/ban people just because you dont like them.
-Do not boot/mute/ban people if your not in a good mood, go out of game.
-Do NOT restore people without proof.
-Do NOT make items or edit zenni for players.
-Do NOT ban unless you really need to.
-Do remember kids do play this game so keep it profanity free.
-Do try to be mature about problems when fixing it.
-Admins need to be online at least 5 times in a week.
These rules are on the game and hub there is no excuse for you not to follow them.
Pretty Good butttt one thing WHENS NEW PLAYER WIPE
oh right for me it was 20/4/10 ty
Lol Skooby Great Game Ill hot 24/7 for 2weeks if wanted