Duel Monsters Genesis

by EternalDuelistSoul
Duel Monsters Genesis
It's time to Duel!
A message from Athren,Kai lowell, sokieo, onebadassduelist, ect (all me lol)

Hello My fellow vets, i only leave this thought here on this wall in hopes some will receive my feelings. I have played this game from the start and have come a long way, im not sure if any of you know how i am due to not being active in online conversations most of the time. But from beating Duelist with 1LP left to mastering decks non main stream, trolling little sararah i have had a good ride.

I am very serious in this post and i am aware most will take it lightly...but even you trolls and jerks this is to you.

I have had a great time in this game and have learned many things

Forever in my heart will rest the duel upon duel with you guys. I hope somewhere in yours you can remember a time where our spirits clashed.

Tho we will never meet in the real world, we all have become friends and bonded through this game

UD thank you especially for all the good times and good duels

Life is a very real thing and to us this game was a real thing as well the duels we had HAPPENED and i will not forget.
(NOTE: This game is only a small piece of my great life lol fuck you trollers who will roll in with claims otherwise)
Kai, it's me your biggest fan - Yoshi. Thank you so much for all the lessons

you've taught me over your duels. For every battle I lost and got frustrated over, I

watched you and saw you fight till the very end. You're a very great duelist and a

more amazing person. Now, I don't know if this is a post saying good bye or not

but, even if it is, I just want you to know that I will always remember you. I've

gone a long way from being that one noob duelist that just sucks at everything.

I've grown a lot and it's all thanks to you and everyone else that I've met and

dueled with over Duel Monsters Genesis. Of all people, I'm gonna remember you

the most because you were there with me from the very beginning when I first

started. Once again, thank you so much for the great memories that I'll never


PS: I'll never forget your duels with the Dark Signers and their Earthbound

Immortals. You were the Yusei Fudo of Duel Monsters Genesis and no one will

ever forget you.

Your friend,

-If you ever get to read this, please leave some sort of reply. Trust me, your feelings were received.

Wherever life leads you, I hope you'll succeed. Never lose your fighting spirit :)