God do I love seeing these comments.
I never play the game as I hate it but I know more about it's history in truth than you guys do. However, ignore me and continue your foolishness. It's my food.
Hello, I want to give you a idea for the game of Naruto. If you want more information, I am the admin of http://naruteros.foro-activo.es/forum is a Spanish forum of naruto and we are looking for a RPG game... if you are interesed in an idea, please send me a PM.
I wait your answer,
hey crazah im a player of naruto evolution and the game is the best naruto game on byond but we are losing players because of chunnin exam we need have chunnin exam me.Continue with the good job!!!
Hi Crazah I r sexist nd u r sexist y dat be?
Please, Crazah. I beg of you, don't let N;E Die. Please, I understand Reformist didn't deserve it, but he continued your game and improved it. He was on the verge of making a massive update, possibly making it the best game on byond. You could be part of it, and make the amazing Craformist duo. Please, let Reformist continue it and help him. Please, Don't let N;E die.
Yo crazah. watup....Just been meaning to ask howcome you never brought naruto evolution back up...Everyone who uset to play it misses it very bad man... couldnt you bring it back up. I was an awsome game...one of the best pvp games on byond.Shouldnt shut it down all cause you have no more ideas..it was still a good game
Look at the shitload of noobs here.
Commenting as if it'll change a damn thing.
Especially acting as if you know the damn guy.
Been gettin hella notifications from your blog. So while im here to get rid of your little notification I mine as well say Hi. So Hi.
Bring Naruto Evolution back, Best game ever to be brought to byond.

I mean you're really about to shut one of your best games down?

Just bring it back man, people love this game, it's mainly why the majority of byond members even get on the site.
Naruto Evolution has been leaked.
False. Naruto Evolution was discontinued by OB and re-continued by Tyga. Zetavia is just a troll who has no life.
Yeah I agree
Crazah please bring N:E back D:
I can help you with sprites...
umm, crazah, we bought off the game from some of the rights owner idk who, all i know is, we can make it listed if u give us permision...right now the hub is,http://www.byond.com/games/Idoshen/ NarutoEvo?tab=feedback#tab=index ....pls come there and tell on feedback u give us rights, cause we can host it, update it, and it wont die for sure....
The Game dosen't rock their horrible GM's they just ban for simple things. Even though game is good it ain't worth playing with those idioits who just abuse their powers. Lol he even used announced to talk to me about how he dosen't care what I think. I think your a abusing GM.
the game naruto evolution its the best , but why it always go off ?? :/ we need ani1 to put it on 24 hours per day ! thanx
I need to talk with you, please add me on pager or messenger @ [email protected]

Thank you
Crazah is gonna host Naruto Evolution again guys. Don't worry. And as i was told, he have some secret updates waiting for us. He will host 25. December. So please be patient, as the best Naruto game on BYOND will be back!
Hello, could you add my key and my email ([email protected]). I've been in need of help for coding a One Piece game. If you're interest please add my email.
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