yo crazah can i host the naruto evolution its the great naruto game of byond ! if u want i host add me in a windlows live mensager [email protected] , or send me the game for the email [email protected] and i will host it for u ^^ thanx !!!!
they say the 24/7 server cause money so help crazah out
No worries you guys. If you haven't already noticed, the server is up on a shell server.

Thankfully, the lag seems to be minimum. Enjoy!
Add my key, please :)
Hey Crazah, i wanna do a game with you, Of Naruto, You choose, nothing or a great game, thanks for attention...

Takuyax_x (But call me Prower)
nice shoutbox... hello i have a bug from naruto:evolution >.> i have 134 nin and my dmg kirin is 300 >.>

Nick: skorpi

C: see you later
crazah you can enter in anruto evolution pls
could you start caring about your game naruto:evolution?... or at least make an admin, ty.
only 2.50 dollars a month i host your game 24/7 so contact me via pager or comment on this post
Imma host evo add me Crazah
Can I host Naruto Evo Crazah?
If I ran a server I would have it up 24/7. I Promise!
can u wipe but can u add new stuff like aatski kages andothe villages?
You need a new host the current one abuses his power. I got banned because i said he has to be put in his place. The reason i said this is because he says he can do anything he wants because he is the host (this is after he was blocking a exit letting no one leave) are you still the owner just wondering because saw the game had a few different owners?
Crazah, have you got the SSO game link? Apparently it's up but not on the hub...
In-Game name - EmilyRose
[Email - [email protected]]

Hello my name is Emily. I've played your game before and I really like it.. The thing is that it's down so much that I didn't really get the chance to play. So, as a complete volunteer, I want to host for you. I'm 24/7 and lagless. Any type of Staff is welcome, but I don't require or exspect anything. I am sick of playing all the beast rips and just rips in general. Your game looks good, original, and fun. I just want to get to know it better and be a part of your community. I hope to hear from you. If not, keep updating the game and good luck. I'll be on as much as I can when it's up so thats an easy way to catch me. Thankyou for your time.

~Emily Rose

i want to play Naruto: Ultimate Adventure so can you get it up and running or can you let me host a server
hay man if you will not see naruto evo so delete it cuz there allots of mad ppl who host it and they are all suck at hosting and deleting the chars
whats happening crazah i was gonna bearly start playing start it again please!!
crazah why logging the game off these game is awsome theres lots of fans why taking it off!??
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