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I posted it once and I will post it again. This comment has no value to whoever Is reading it and should really stop reading this comment....................what? Your still here? Shows over go play dark renegade or something. Don't waste your time reading this.
hey i can host any game you want for you
Deanjr96 wrote:
hey i can host any game you want for you

I don't really need hosts, as seeing I have a dedicated server and I host 24/7 as well. Thanks for the offer, though.
lightning ninja 91 can u host for me too I saw ur dedi I and can ya host for me too
stopped hosting naruto:evolution?
hay man why you stop host naruto evo ?
Hey bro do you get on anymore? XD
In response to Alpha369
Alpha369 wrote:
Hey bro do you get on anymore? XD

From time to time, I do get on. Most of time, it'll be on Dark Renegade as seeing it's my creation and such. It has been a while we have chatted, Alpha. Let's hit each other up when you have time(and when I have time as well, haha). Live prosper and well, Alpha. Hope to see you again.
"enter generic hello message"
Can u get rid of the ban on me please. I mean its been like 7-8 months since i was.
Hey, you still alive? XD
Yup, still alive... =P
Long time no see my friend.

Byond's Gangsta
What happened to renegade?
In response to Lazy_Tigre
Lazy_Tigre wrote:
What happened to renegade?

It is being worked on. Give it some time and it'll be back.
I miss you bro o.o
So much for keeping DR up.
I miss this game - Chief Sosa
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