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I login in the website and in my byond pager but when i click to play a game i enter has a guest i dont know whats going on. I would appreciate the help.
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Hi Fang95,

First, Download and install the latest version of BYOND from the download page , and be sure to run it "As an administrator".

Second, Check the BYOND folder, making sure that nothing in this folder is read/write protected and the permissions are correctly configured. If you're not sure where to find the BYOND folder: Open the BYOND pager > File > Preferences > Advanced > Open User Directory. Renaming this folder to OLDBYOND will reset the configurations for BYOND next time you restart the BYOND pager.

Third, Check your firewall(s) and antivirus program(s) configurations, Make sure that BYOND.exe, Dreamseeker.exe, and Dreamdaemon.exe are not being blocked,having incoming/outgoing traffic restricted, etc.

Good luck!
Thank you Higoten thank very much :))