It turns out I forgot to do the March table! I recorded the results down but never posted it up. It turns out that anyway, the results remain the same on the top 6. Naturally this is due to my lack of updates on anything, I'm still working on Wargames trying to fix that bug and I'm working on Survive This! a bit too. My Get Something Done Project will be Joshtan1, originally put up a demo in 2006, the version I have on my drive was updated roughly around 2006-2008 but has sat there with no updates for a long time. So that is my goal this month, Joshtan1 finished, with medals for AceMedalTable.

1) Kisioj: 78 points from 32 medals
2) Ganing: 63 points from 27 medals
3) Kozuma3: 56 points from 26 medals
4) Mastermatthew: 54 points from 26 medals
5) Tetsuya: 46 points from 26 medals
6) Nadrew: 35 points from 19 medals
Will be waiting so I can crush the demon known as Kisioj