by Forum_account
This library gives you the basic movement system of a platformer. You can make an action/platform game in minutes!
So, my little character's size while standing is like 27 x 38. But when he attacks, the picture is bigger, so i have part of the attacking sprite cut off the picture because it's pre-set 27 x 38 and the attacking state goes in the same icon file with the standing, jumping and walking one.

What can i do then?
make an icon file with a larger size, let's say 32x48, then make a blank icon state.

Afterwards, import the icon you're using now. You'll have to adjust pixel_x and y to match but it will give you a larger canvas.

Tip: Always base the size of the icon on the LARGEST frame/animation. So, if you attacking state is not the largest one, find out the size of the largest one and use that.