Bleach Love Of My Zanpakuto

by Nel Mayuri
Bleach Love Of My Zanpakuto
New and exciting things are brewing for this game. We're back baby.
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Can someone fix this problem? I can't join the game,when I am joining,a black screen appear in BYOND's Joining page. I want to join!!!!!!! ;D
I can place the game on a shell if someone can give me the hostfiles. ^_^

~Silent Night
What's been going on with this game? I've considered making a BLoMZ2 with a new base, new codes, new icons, and new maps. I've been gone for a long time... It's Byond dead now?

long time on see nel some ppl was asking what happened to you if you do make a new game let me know i did miss the fun me you and hiro had b4 we went our ways and check your pager i paged you somthing