Grim Prospects: Classic

by ACWraith
Grim Prospects: Classic
A card battle over mining rights.
I just released the first version of my mining card battle, Grim Prospects. The game will require quite a bit of testing before I offer a physical version on The Game Crafter. Sound effects and better AI should also be added at some point.

In Grim Prospects, players own a small mining crew that is struggling to get by. The rights to tunnel segments must be forfeited to opponents. Workers must be fired and they loiter around opponents in the hopes of attaining a job. Finally, players may send some of their remaining workers to take their tunnel segment back by force while protecting what was forfeited to them. Whoever has the most valuable tunnel at the end wins.

This is my first release using my Multiple Game Rooms library. Subscribers to Grim Prospects or Fooldom Come can create new mines to play in. A subscriber has to be present for a game to be started. (Just spectating is fine.) However, it's still possible for a lone subscriber to create multiple rooms as long as there are people to join them.

...This took much longer than it should have. I've been getting distracted by the design and infrastructure of my randomized action adventure. *sigh*
To be clear, subscribers only have to be present to start games in subscriber-created rooms. Anyone can start the game in the free room.