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Writing A New One wrote:
Good luck getting onto Steam. It's a shame that the comments were derailed like that and hopefully it won't impact the final decision too much.

Valve themselves just deleted a major SA-created NEStalgia attack thread from their forums. Any big company that operates on the internet understands that this type of stuff comes with the territory. Nothing that the trolls are doing will sway their decision :)
I hope no one took my post out of context I was just curious really, NEStagia (I always think I spell it incorrectly) is a great game I remember way before it actually became the latter.

Thanks all of you for answering my questions with detailed information :)

I hope Valve at least gives your game a chance Silk and if not don't stop developing it :)
At present, I don't plan on putting any game I'm producing through the Greenlight program due to the fact I'm currently not charging for any game. I might eventually charge for certain future games, but currently have not charged for any game.

However, libraries I have developed can be used royalty-free (do not need to pay me any royalties) since their purpose is to speed up development of any project as well as provide features that normally would take a long time to implement by hand. I have no problem with games being part of the Greenlight program that use the libraries I designed. :D
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I'm still trying to get spirit age off the ground. so i guess that's a goal I'm working towards.
Falcon lazorz wrote:
Magicpaper1337 wrote:
Wow nestalgia on steam? O: that will bring it's players up like 50%

50%? We're talking over 2.5 million users on Steam.

Haha your right XD Though i was told the server i run on could only run about 70 people before it started lagging. Thats going to have to change XD
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Silk Games wrote:
Thanks for the support everyone! I really hope that NEStalgia becomes the first of many BYOND projects to make it on Steam. There are many talented and deserving developers here, and BYOND has a ton of untapped potential.

Everyone here is always talking about how they want BYOND to get the recognition that it deserves, and I think that we're well on our way to making that happen!

Yes Byond does deserve recognition. I actually found this site by accident XD but i love it to death. and i love oyur game to death To...
I never really cared for NEStalgia and probably never will, but good on Silk for the greenlight thing.
Whether it's fun to you or not (it gets dull for me after a while), it's a relatively high-quality BYOND game. It should get approved not because it's fun for everyone (no game is), but because it's fun for those it was made for.
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