Phoenix: Sundered Earth

by Archonex
A sandbox roleplaying game combining lovecraftian elements, with the fast paced action of anime. - Currently in Open Alpha -

Poll: Would you guys want to see this kind of RPvP Server?

Yes 58% (10)
No 41% (7)

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This server would be DIFFERENT from normal RPvP, where you chose to RP or just PvP.

It would be RP. BUT! You don't have to constently EMOTE EVERY LITTLE THING! You act out everything you do!

Take money from a drill that isn't yours, that can be interpreted as stealing. Get mad at the death of a friend or loved one, and ACT OUT your anger! Scream and attack the person who did it! Asked to pick something up? DON'T RP IT!! JUST FREAKIN PICK IT UP!

It saves time that would be wasted on unimaginably LARGE Rp's. Gets more into the gameplay, combined with Rp.

Whatcha think guys? ^w^
In my opinion, that strays from the original plan for the game. It was meant to make those "unimaginably LARGE Rp's" happen, I believe. I, myself, enjoy para-literate roleplays that last.
I think it would be nice to see a game that has RP's for alot of actions pre made/ pre listed. That way you could do a simple action like


and the typed description would show up for others to see.
"x seems angry..."

Or perhaps a game that lets you customize your own actions in this same manner.

That way everyones would be different, then if you still wished to do a special RP, you could type that out as well.
I think it's good,because there are alot of player that want to play this and can't RP THAT WELL you know.

I guess how english is not my first language it's difficult to RP every single action to make a good 9 lines RP you know.

I mean I know the bascis of the english I can talk and can obey the rules, a game where YOU HAVE to obey the rules, exemple : Do not attack without reason, stealing , killing, I mean you can have a fantasy roleplay game just by conversation between characters.

I have a great imagination, and in my native language I can RP VERY WELL, so the problem is the Emote Verb, you know, you can play the game and make a good story by just acting as you are inside the character and obeying the rules! but the problem comes when the EMOTE Verb needs to be used alot and very well detailing every action.
And another thing Zane said : "that strays from the original plan for the game." I think the magic of the game isn't the emote verb, it's the way you live as a warrior, scientist, or something else, the way you decide to be evil or good, it's how you play and as I said before, it's not a pvp game cause it has rules and all...
"that strays from the original plan for the game." And because of the strictness of the plan many players have strayied. No to pvp but yes to slightly less strick rp, I mean come one this is why we have stats/verbs/and Icons. If you want pure rp your better off finding a chat room no need for stats verbs or icons.