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So, i have my friend here and he says that the sidescroller games always lagg (regardless of the host) because of the pixel movement. I don't know if it's because of the host or not, but you can tell me any other possibilities and how to fix them, because i've played many other sidescrollers on BYOND with 0 lagg, but he says that his own sidescroller laggs because of the pixel movement regardless of the host.
It's because of network delay. It was added in BYOND to allow frame-skipping (or something similar) in order to ease stress from the network.

there's a command to override it though. It sets the network delay to 0 and it fixes the issue, though, you need to call it frequently.

I don't remember the command though.
.configure delay 0
That's the command you run to configure network delay to 0 from Dream Seeker, my guess is it's a client verb. Honestly though, I think that the issue is caused primarily by the high world fps. Even though BYOND was created to run well even on your grandmother's rig, there are still variables in Dream Maker that can and will cause lag on low end hardware.

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