Casual Quest

by IainPeregrine
A fast paced, casual, multi player action game with a little RPG touch
Keywords: lag
BYOND Version:n/a
Operating System:n/a
Web Browser:n/a
Applies to:efficiency
Status: Verified

A member of our crack team of bug testers has verified that this issue is reproducible, and has handed it off to the development team for investigation.
In the 1.30 source, I can't find any instances where is being removed from or cleared, but I do see objects being added to it. I figure it's a possible contributor to the game's gradual slowdown (like a memory leak, I guess), because even though the objects in the list are being deleted, the list still grows. (this is because objects are replaced by null when deleted from a list) is removed from when heroes die, so that one's not an issue. There may be others that do this, though.

Lummox JR provided a simple way to clear all nulls from a list in a forum post I made a while ago regarding this "replace with null" behavior:
// the semicolon makes it one statement
// which removes all nulls while there are
// nulls to be removed
DarkCampainger changed status to 'Verified'