Naruto Reminiscence

by Atriosv3
Naruto Reminiscence
The best managed and developed GOA game. Well balanced game

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Naruto Reminiscence is a new take on the hit BYOND game 'Naruto GOA', we stride to develop a balanced game whilst building on foundations laid out before us. Take on all new clans and battle head to head with powerful jutsus in a fresh and immersive world.

- Fushi (Neo Rapes Everything)
- Tyga (Atriosv3)
- Ganing (Ganing)
- Tobi (FreshDanny)

- Vacant, please apply in the forums.

Upcoming Updates:
- New jutsus to our players enjoyment!
- New clans to have a more flexible character customization!
- New hairstyles!
And much, much more is to come!

Please check out our forums at the link below to catch up on the latest updates and news!

Meh something wrong with the game cant create character
Yeah were fixing it.
Meh still >.>
We might host it later cause were adding Kamizuru clan
If you nee a host i no alot of ppl who can
They need a host, page me if interested.
Its back! The original staff team!!! (Fushi, Neo)