Resident Evil Online Degeneration

by Falcon blac
Resident Evil Online Degeneration
Its Been Years since the Virus Escaped. thanks to the umbrella corps experiments, now it way worse!

Mutations, enhancments, intellegence. the T-virus has it up with friends or go solo in this online mayhem.

Owner: Falcon blac
Master Admin: Autoky2
Admin lvl 7: Max6, Ieuanm
Host: Vesskel
* more than 63 playable characters.
* Customizable characters.
* almost 150 different fire-arms.
* 38 types of bosses.
* more then 41 maps.
* Explosive support.
* 9 game modes.
* military, swat, black hands, Clone Troopers XD assistance
* bloody effects. ex: Body Parts flying thru the air.
* over 52 usefull items such as:
Backup radios, mini base constructions, basic demolition pack, basic ammo pack, basic medical packs, turrents, transforming guns, explosive machinery. etc..

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