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Np if its my favourite ;)
help me!!! i try to click load but it doesnt load tried new also doesnt work i thought i was wiped so i made a new account still couldnt so alexif u found a way to fix my problem please come to ur msn ill be waiting from u any answer
Alexaner i lost my Raichu, please come on please.
Yo Alexander, have any idea when origins is back up?
Origins seemed to hold a great future, until it's main developer ninja-poofed.

Of course, life all inhibits us from working on our creations.
Hey, did that DoS thing get resolved?
Whoever got banned is a real hypocrite. The reason stated for attacking the server was because you think you are better than everyone else...yet this guy apparently thinks he is better than everyone else. If he can't play, nobody can.

I hate 12-14 year old brats.
Thanks, no the DoS is still a problem. He was edging the comments on the post the wrong way, ensuring people that it was not a DoS attack. However, we know it is, and we know he's done it in the past.

Yes, 12-14 year olds can be brats
Yeah, when I said that, I meant it to mean "I hate the 12-14 year old kids that are brats. Sorry for the misunderstanding.
Why pokemon origions down?
Alex, my Geodudes Defense and Sp. Defense dropped both to 2 after this update, I noticed that just when I evolved my Gastly to a Haunter then to a Gengar, was about to tain him when I saw he had only 2 Def and Sp. Def. His level is 20 so it shouldn't have that defense... please come on and fix this for me.
Oh I should tell you; this happened to me after the update of today.
you should put the new black and white pokemon in you game
We're working our way up, two more generations before that.
hi alexander! what date update
pokemon origins i have request
and hell wolf request read it
alexander i need you to help me because when i started the game
and they tell whats my mame i cant write a name and i dont go
any futher than that can you please help me thanks
When the next upata?
If you need anymore help with coding and mapping I would love to help out
hi alex, idk if u remember me but i logged in the first day the server return (pokemon origins), u asked me if i like the game, and i asked u if u change something etc, the thing is that i've lost my character and all my pokes, i've just logged in and i have to create a new account :/
Well Alexander, Enjoy the Membership :)
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