Katekyo Hitman Reborn: Online

by Sasuke3232
Katekyo Hitman Reborn: Online
A game based on the Katekyo! series.
When this game become Online?
what would be good for this game is if you made it into a RP game cuz those seem really popular right now and also we need a good Rp katekyo hitman game on byond. if u make this into just another attacking game then it will just seem like ur copying the other katekyo. if you need an iconner hit me up at [email protected] im pretty good and will give you the results you want. i also work quick so i can handle a couple of projects at a time.
ewhhh rp D:
Ugh, don't ruin a good looking game by making it a...RP
All that superb code, wasted on...Forum jockies
This game will never been playable.
Actually Ozioso, many people would play a Katekyo hitman reborn RP game if done correctly. The iconning and imaging for the game is great, I don't know when it will ever be playable if it is ever playable, but if you look at many successful rp servers you can see that they do get a mass amount of players. If pvp wants pvp just make a seperate pvp srver.
Will this game ever come out?
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