Grim Prospects: Classic

by ACWraith
Grim Prospects: Classic
A card battle over mining rights.
This release of of my mining card struggle, Grim Prospects, fixes some bugs.

  • Cards of the Rat and Mole factions were not always inserted into lists when they should have been. For lists containing cards, I was looking for those factions to insert next to, but I forgot to insert when there weren't any. *sigh*
  • When displaying battle results, the winner arrow considered the wrong column of player cards versus the opponent on the right.
  • Winner arrows did not take an absence of cards into account.

Looking good. Looks like I've reached about the threshold of what you'd like to make implicit from the interface alone and now must really pick at the help file to see if I can understand all those concepts you were telling me about the other day.
Thank you. =)

I'm still willing to make symbols more legible if you have any ideas. I just don't have any myself and adding anything extra seems like it would make for a more cluttered/confusing interface.