by Spuzzum
An update control library for single-server games that allows you to broadcast progress in your project to your players.
s_tracker is a powerful (and fully object-oriented) library designed to track bug reports, suggestions, and updates in your project, with full interaction with your players through every stage of the development process.

Here is a summary of its better features:
  • Plug 'n' play nature allows you to integrate s_tracker into your project with only a dozen lines of code.
  • Transparent administrative interface blends into the standard output routines to avoid hassle for the programmer.
  • Fully object-oriented, making tweaking a breeze. Modular preprocessor definitions handle most of the library's constant information -- simply create your own replacement definitions before including the library, and they will be seamlessly integrated.
  • Advanced message retrieval and transmission system transmits s_tracker feedback to and from administrators, even if the recipient is not connected at the time.
  • Full-fledged bug tracking system allows administrators to flag bugs as fixed or as false reports, automatically deleting the bug report, generating a bug-fix report if necessary, and informing the reporter of the status. Also allows administrators to contact reporters if more information is required.

  • Eventual upgrade: through the use of a central server, s_tracker will even be able to coordinate worlds where you distribute the host files. (Presently, s_tracker only functions on single-server projects.)