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::/Old Man Songi\::
I been around for ages.. sense masterdan gladly hosted Gekisen and i was leader of forsaken and the strongest Icer (changling).. I been around sense the first Naruto game.. and thus was the first hatake kakashi. Good times. I seen byond of its true self, i love it. But lately these rips are horrible. I wish people make custom games like the old days. Thesixsamurai is my 4th major key..
Add meh pleaze. |=
songi talk to me on msn -.-
Songi, can u get me unbanned on Rebirth please?
Muds. bah. You and I are so old we live in the past and forget the year of now.

Its time to get bck to running our baby. Naruto Dark Beast Reincarnation II opens in beta testing tomorrow. Do i need to code you back in as ur main owner or do you got some other crappy byond game to troll on. cuss like you said. these rips need to see whose the top dog old skool style. lol. ttyl.
hey its been awhile im New light not the imposter but the one who changed from that to Shadow light i had anger probs..iv been ban from byond lost dayvon64 he hates me but im back.
i shouldnt try to change people when they pick on me or i get mad im sorry about that