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My pain returned a few moments after my last post. I went to the hospital today. They took me in the emergency room. The process lasted around 5 hours. It wouldn't have been so bad except that the lack of stimulus left me with nothing to focus on but my pain.

The doctor mentioned stress-induced ulcers and gallstones and possible sources. There was a brief moment where I pondered using it as a badge of my discipline. However, the blood tests revealed that the problem was instead the third option he listed, acute pancreatitis. It can come from nowhere so it's more like being cursed by the universe.

They gave me some medicine to handle nausea and some painkillers that have yet to kick in. There doesn't seem to be anything for the inflammation itself though. I find that a bit confusing.

The CAT scan showed my case to be moderate so they gave me the option of staying in the hospital. I decided to come home so I would have something other than discomfort to focus on. Hopefully I can get the details of the bland diet right.
I was afraid of something like that - persistent discomfort oft indicates something wrong going on. It's not the worst case scenario, it could have been cancer or organ failure, but nonetheless I would take it very seriously. It might even be worth enduring the hospital stay if they're willing to humor you bring along a laptop or some such.

I guess what I'm trying to say is not to ignore your ailments, that's oft a person's final mistake. Sorry, I don't mean to stress you out even more. After all, stress might have been the core cause that brought this on.
bland diet:
Chicken Ramen
Peanut butter on bread
Chicken soup and noodles(no chicken, sadly)
Pureed beans
Ginger Ale(no colored sodas).

Been on it before, and honestly it's not all that terrible, so long as it's only for a week or so.
Hopefully you feel better. My mother is in a similar bit, and I, myself, have a possible rheumatoid problem. I agree though, not focusing on the pain would be best - Just realize any changes, because those could be important.

Other than that, I think the problem with pain, at least for me, is it disallows me to do anything full efficiency. Good news being, you put up with the annoying shit - Then your okay again, Haha.

On another note.. It seems the ER is only useful for telling you if you will die soon, if so, they treat you immediately. Otherwise.. Even if you have something extremely debilitating and quite bad, they send you away and give you possible references(follow-ups) to see, which take FOREVER to get in with(Ugh..And you need insurance). Apparently a self-induced heart attack is of greater importance... Eh, not a bad system, just noting slight inconsistencies in what they believe to constitute "Health Care"