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This is the start of my Songi's Truth. A harsh world in which I will rate games from 1/10. If the Person does NOT like the truth, then I am sorry. I been around on byond for ages, sense Dan started up Gekisen to now. A true fan. I have Also witnessed the recent downfall of byond, alot of runescape players came and made a lot of stupid drama. Anyway.. To the Truth!
Bleach: Unleashed Bankai (3/10)
At first this game seems pretty fun, once a ranker you can easily go and use a log that levels you twice as fast. But the harsh truth hits you. Out of the Announce spam, the GM abuse (Which is very very very.. common), to the broken hollow system this game is flawed. I could sit around all day and explain what they could do to the game to make it better. But I wont. Its not worth time to Cry about something that is destined to fail. As of now, I have quit the game, It was fun! But being spammed summon and killed after saying AFK training is wrong, and all over cause I tell them the truth about them being B*tches. I say Nay. NoXHistory, Raven and the Others. Please, never try to be GM on another game. You abusers are flawed and need to be stripped of any rights in the future. So in the end, this game could be good. IF Zengetsu and Josh weed out the bad weeds infecting their garden, so this is the final comment I shall make, on this game. Adios.
Naruto: Rising Sun (0/10)
So far a rip of Mysterio's game. But they asked if I come back in one month to see the updates. That I shall. Good luck shadow and everyone!
Naruto: Minato's Legacy (0/10)
Truth.. it just failed..
Bleach: The Lost shinigami (0/10)
First of all the main key here is abuse. As soon as I logged in, bam got killed by a admin who appears to worry about getting sources then the game itself. Then I got muted for saying, this game probably wouldn't do so well. Rips tend to fail. Then I noticed, its just the same bleach rip everyone is using, change up the freaking hospital at least. Oh well, I was on this game for nearly 50 seconds. Shame.
be back on friday next week for naruto rising sun updates should be done by then
Blaise12 wrote:
be back on friday next week for naruto rising sun updates should be done by then

do0nt bother I got news from one of the other owners (Territio) that shadow has left the game so the updates wont be done untill a while